Apple’s latest software bug that’s driving people crazy


  • iPhone users who recently upgraded to iOS 13.5.1 are noticing an enormous battery drain on their devices on account of Apple Music.
  • Even when Apple Music isn’t open, the app is reportedly draining the battery via background activity.
  • While some potential fixes have alleviated the difficulty for a few users, a universal fix might not arrive until a subsequent iOS release from Apple is pushed out.

With iOS 14 coming down the pipeline in only about two months, Apple hasn’t stopped rolling out minor updates to iOS 13 in recent weeks. Just last month, as an example , Apple unrolled iOS 13.5.1, an update with variety of important security updates, Face ID improvements, and therefore the Exposure Notification API that permits app developers to develop contact tracing apps.

Now typically, updates issued this late into an iOS development cycle tend to eliminate bugs as against introduce new ones. iOS 13.5.1, however, has reportedly been causing quite few issues for Apple Music users. Specifically, MacRumors observes that a lot of iOS users are experiencing significant battery drain when using Apple Music. Even more worrisome is that the battery drain persists via background activity even when Apple Music isn’t open. another users, meanwhile, are noticing that their devices also are running extremely hot.

Over the past few days, users have flocked to varied social networks and message boards to share their frustrations. Notably, the matter appears to impact a mess of iPhone models.

One user on the Apple Music subreddit said:

I had it this weekend…Trying to download new music would just spin endlessly, and therefore the power drain…

4 days, 43 hrs of background usage from Apple Music.

Meanwhile, a user on an Apple discussion board writes:

I have an iPhone 8 running IOS 13.4.1 everything is up so far and was performing well until this weekend. All of a sudden my battery started draining much quicker than previously. watching the battery usage it seems that Apple Music is causing it… I even have turned background app refresh off for all app and yet Apple Music remains draining the battery when not in use; 53% of battery use within the last 24hrs without using the app.

If you’re noticing that the battery on your iPhone is rapidly taking place on account of Apple Music, variety of users are reporting that they were ready to fix the matter by resetting all of the settings on their device. this will be done by getting to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Now before you plow ahead and do an entire system reset, it’s worth mentioning that the fix above only appears to figure for a subset of users. A minority of users have also been ready to fix the difficulty by deleting the Music app entirely then reinstalling it

At now , it seems that impacted users won’t have a true solution until we see a replacement iOS update from Apple.

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